The Liberty Movement Continues

Rand Paul may have ended his bid for the President of these United States, but the Liberty Movement is only beginning! More and more people are waking up to realize they have rights, and they want to keep them. Rand Paul among others was a beacon of hope who spread the message of Liberty, but unfortunately the masses have fell for the same old politics that have got us to the place we are in now.
Liberty Now will continue to spread the message of Liberty and endorse those candidates who do as well. We will work at the state level to fund, create, and endorse initiatives that promote Liberty. We will also work with who ever is elected to office, but we will not compromise our beliefs and our integrity. Our future is bright, as long as we fight for it, and continue to make progress for Freedom and Liberty for All.

Liberty 2016!



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  1. Hey, that post leaves me feeling fosolih. Kudos to you!

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