The Issues

2nd Amendment
The 2nd Amendment is very important as it is what ensures that we can protect ourselves from both foreign and domestic threats. It is not to ensure we have the right to hunt, or we can shoot for recreational fun. It is a fundamental right of self protection. We are mortified by the tragedies that has happened a crossed the country, but we don’t place the blame on the guns, and believe that these could have been prevented if someone else (a good guy) had a gun to stop the attacker in their tracks.
Civil Rights
Liberty Now strongly believes in civil rights on many levels. The right to assemble, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, right to privacy. We believe all of this is protected by the Constitution, but the government keeps violating our rights, and we need to take actions to take and keep them!
The War on Drugs
The war on drugs is a failure that only makes things worse. The morality of confining individuals for what they ingest into their own bodies is wrong, and the costs for tax payers is ridiculous. It’s time to put this all in the past!
Marriage and Marriage Equality
No matter what race, religion, gender, or other defining characteristic may be, who you love and decide to be with is your own decision, not that of the state, or federal government. No one else has to live with these choices, therefore the decision should only be left to the two consenting adults, and the government should stay out of personal lives.
Foriegn Policy
The United States government has put itself in a perpetual state of war in the middle east due to its interventionist policy. The government has used the military and choice supplying of regimes to influence the configuration of regions. In some cases having to later fight the forces it helped create, such as the Taliban when the United States back those forces vs the Soviet Union, and more recently with the U.S. back Syrian rebels with many of them joining in with ISIS taking their U.S. gotten arms with them. This type of policy is not sustainable, and should be abandoned. But if there is a credible threat to the United States as determined through a proper and full investigation then that is the time for U.S. intervention, but only through congressional approval to insure checks and bounds.
Free Market Politics
A free and open market with plenty of competition is what will supply us with the best products for the lowest price. A market should be easy to enter for entrepreneurs, without large sums of money paid to the government for pointless reasons just to exist. It’s the private sector that got us the modern technology that we use today, and it is a free market that gets us these items are prices we can afford.
The Power of Legislation
The power of legislation should be shifted away from elected officials towards the general American public. Many states have put power into the people’s hands and allow them to create initiatives which can show up on the state ballet for a vote before the people. This is the model we should strive for on many levels. Instead of letting elected officials make the decisions for us, it should be brought to a vote before the people with very few exceptions. This should happen for all states and on the federal level.

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